McLaren Automotive

McLaren Automotive in the UK produce supercars like no other. But that wasn't enough for the leaders of this fantastic company. They also wanted to distinguish themselves based on their culture - and used UGRs as the vehicle to do that.

We conducted a UGRs Stock Take to assess the current culture against their aspirational values. The leaders were introduced to the concept of UGRs, shown the results from the Stock Take and worked through strategies to address areas of concern.

This process occurred every year over four years.

Workwear Group

When the Workwear Group was purchased by Wesfarmers in Australia it  was struggling. After putting in place a new leadership team, headed up by Doug Swan, the process of resurrecting the business began with the new leaders agreeing on the company's strategic directions.

As someone who is committed to the notion that culture is a centrepiece of performance (and strategic plans), Doug and his leaders decided early on that the way to transform the culture was via UGRs.

Our relationship with the Workwear Group continues. And the good news is that the business is now performing really well. In the words of the company's leaders - they have transitioned from 'survival to growth'.

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APCO is a locally owned independent fuel chain with its support office in Geelong, Victoria. It has both company-owned and franchised stores. Specializing in Petrol, Convenience, Café 24-7 foodservice facilities including Barista Style Coffee, Breakfast & Fresh on the Go food.

The leadership team, headed up by Robert Anderson, had been exploring for some time ways to further improve their culture, without finding anything that 'grabbed hold'.

That was until they came across UGRs! You'll see in the video that UGRs had a huge impact on the business and remains a powerful tool to help keep people focused on working towards an even better culture.

Target and Kmart Australia

Around 10 years ago, Kmart Australia was in dire financial straits. They had lost money for 10 consecutive years. That's when a new leadership team was put into the company, headed up by Guy Russo. Now, Kmart is regarded as Australia's leading retailer with profits totalling over half a billion dollars.

Kmart used UGRs as the vehicle for culture change across the business in Australia and NZ. Andre Reich was a senior leader during those years, and he was asked to help re-establish the Target business as COO a couple of years ago.

In the video, Andre reflects on the impact of UGRs during his time at Kmart and into his early days as a senior leader at Target.