What Is It All About?

These are extraordinary times – times when quality leadership should, indeed must come to the forefront.

In these unchartered waters, leaders must support their people, albeit in a context that has never been navigated before.

While leaders need to support their people, leaders themselves will also need help.

That’s why we’ve created four different options to bring leaders together – to support and inspire them, so they in turn can create the best possible culture for their people.

The Leading Leaders Initiative

This initiative will bring together business leaders in a facilitated, online forum where they can share their challenges, their ‘wins’, and their strategies to learn from and support one another.

Connecting via Zoom, the ‘Leading Leaders’ initiative will:

  • Identify the major issues leaders would like addressed – at a personal and business level – as a precursor to the initial meeting. We will then collate and summarise the key issues to provide back to leaders prior to the first meeting. We’ll also take advice from the senior leaders on key issues they feel need to be addressed
  • Discuss the major themes drawn from each of the issues submitted – ensuring there is a balance between personal and business issues. Participants will share their insights and we’ll draw on our experiences from over 30 years working with organisations across the world
  • Confine meetings to one hour for a maximum of number of attendees depending on the elected option as outlined below
  • Facilitate connections among leaders who wish to continue to share beyond the one-hour zoom meeting
  • Meet at the same day and time every month over a six-month period, renewable

Participants in each session will be at a similar level of seniority and must be willing to share their insights with others. There is an expectation that everyone will learn, but also that everyone will ‘give’ to the group.

This will comprise leaders from different organisations with a limit of 15 participants. 1 participant per organisation.

This will comprise leaders from the same organisation with a limit of 100 participants.

As per option 1 – but tailored to middle managers. Again, limited to 15 participants with a maximum of 1 participant per organisation.

As per option 2 – but tailored to middle managers. Limited to 100 people.

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