Why Have We Gone

Over the years, we’ve worked with organisations to help them transform their workplace cultures – and to reap the benefits that those transformations bring.

Up until now, we have shared our culture transformation messages on stage at many of the world’s premier events, and in-house with some of the most envied brands the world over.

And we’ve conducted enterprise-wide workplace transformation programmes spanning decades and involving tens of thousands of employees from dozens of organisations.

Here’s the thing: whilst these interventions have consistently rendered measurable improvements across a broad range of metrics, they cost money, take time and require broad-based involvement.

That’s why, at a time when workplace cultures have never been so important, we’ve created a new mechanism to help spread the word – an interactive, virtual and online resource for companies to understand and strategically improve their cultures. Faster and more effectively than ever before – and at significantly reduced rates.

Our new approach is built on virtual meetings, web-based learning, online training, and a vast array of online resources to drive implementation and keep you and your people focussed on ramping up the way you do things – but without it getting in the way of your workflow.

Virtual Programme Overview

Virtual session with senior leadership team

This 1.5-hour sessions provide leaders with a completely new way of understanding and leading your workplace culture.

UGRs Stock Take

You get access to unique, rich information about how your current culture stacks up against your desired culture – the culture necessary for you to be successful while making it a great place to work.

Debrief with senior leadership team

The results of the UGRs Stock Take will be shared and plans made to create alignment between your real and desired cultures

Company culture champions

We’ll train up a core group of your people to help them understand and improve your culture – providing them access to a vast range of online resources

We’ll track progress with your Champions, sharing success stories and addressing their challenges

Once again, we’ll track progress – exploring pragmatic and practical ways to build on what has been achieved to date

From time to time, we’ll give access to you and your people to collaborate with other organisations that have embarked on the culture transformation journey

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Internal culture champions 

UGRs culture champions training

This session would equip your Champions with the knowledge to understand and improve workplace cultures. Most importantly, it would provide them access to a vast range of resources they could use across the organisation.

Over two 1.5 hour zoom sessions we would:

  • Introduce people to the concept of UGRs and show how UGRs drive people’s behaviours
  • Share the results from the UGRs Stock Take, including teaching them about how to analyse results
  • Walk them through how to use the UGRs Vault

Champions would have a step-by-step guide on what to do – and this guide would be included as part of the UGRs Vault.

To get a feel for what is included in the UGRs Vault, view this video.

One month progress meeting

One month following the completion of the Champions training, we’ll re-convene with them. This will be via Zoom for 1.5 hours and will:

  • Identify what’s been achieved to date
  • Share successes to date
  • Identify challenges to date that Champions have experienced and explore options to address those challenges

Three months progress meeting

Three months after the completion of the Champions training, we’ll once again re-convene for a 1.5 hour Zoom session. This will:

  • Identify what’s been achieved to date
  • Share successes to date
  • Identify challenges to date that Champions have experienced and explore options to address those challenges

Cross-company champions networking

As we’re doing this within one company at a time, we have the capacity for cross-company learning. From time to time, we’ll set up ad-hoc cross company Zoom meetings to:

  • Share experiences
  • Identify what has worked in their culture transformation
  • Identify challenges they still face, and what can be done to address those challenges
  • Set up ongoing communication channels between those organisations wishing to establish an ongoing dialogue to support one another

UGRs Stock Take debrief with the senior leadership team 

This Zoom hook-up with up to senior leadership team would share the results from the UGRs Stock Take and help in the analysis and interpretation of the results.

Guidance would be provided as to:

  • What leaders need to keep doing, or do more or less often to sustain and improve those aspects of the Stock Take (and therefore the culture) that were positive
  • What leaders need to do differently to address those aspects of the Stock Take that were less-then-positive

The session would conclude with a request that ‘Culture Champions’ be identified from across the organisation. We recommend that Champions be identified as opinion leaders from varying levels of seniority across the organisation – and there’s no limit on the number of Champions you identify

Online UGRs Stock Take

A.K.A a ‘culture survey’, our clients tell us that our approach to measuring the prevailing culture within organisations (or specific workplaces within an organisation) is different from anything else that they’ve ever encountered.

Look here to see / hear McLaren say just that.

And that’s because, we believe that the initial step must be to gain agreement on the kind of culture necessary for the organisation to be truly successful, while making it a great place to work - rather than us providing you with a cookie-cutter template against which to measure your culture. And, if necessary, we’ll start out by helping you to define just what that looks like.

We can then reveal your existing culture against those most important cultural attributes.

We do this by agreeing on what we call 'lead-in sentences' to be included in the online Stock Take.

We craft these to link to the most important cultural attributes necessary for the future success of the company, which can be your organisation’s Values Statements along with other important attributes.

So, for example, for a Value of 'Constant improvement' we could have a lead-in sentence of: Around here, when someone comes up with a new idea...

For a Value of 'Respect', we could have a lead-in sentence of: Around here, people are treated...

Once agreed, we set up a web page specifically for you, listing the lead-in sentences and inviting people to 'complete the sentence' in an adjoining text box. We recommend no more than six to eight lead-in sentences be included in the Stock Take.

Staff are invited to complete each 'lead-in sentence' and to indicate whether they thought their response has a positive, neutral or negative impact overall.

In addition to the lead-in sentences, we can include one or more demographics, in the form of a pull-down menu which could include for example, the respondent's work area, their level of seniority, their location and so on.

We would invite people to participate in the Stock Take and allow for responses over a two-week period.

You would receive a set of reports from the Stock Take which would include:

  • A full report listing the overall results for the organisation (quantitative breakdown of the percentage of positive, neutral and negative responses, plus a qualitative component with all the written comments bunched into groups of positive, neutral and negative)
  • A report for each of the demographics (e.g. by work area)
  • Global comparisons
  • PowerPoint

This phase would involve a one hour zoom session to frame the lead-in sentences (with our guidance), agree on the demographics and to agree on the start-time for the UGRs Stock Take.

In order to track progress on culture transformation… we also use this first Stock Take as a benchmark to measure yourself against going forward.

We provide international benchmarks as comparison points for organisations that have included the same lead-in sentences in their Stock Takes.

Virtual session with the senior leadership team

This phase allows you to check out whether we’re a good fit – while at the same time giving your leaders completely new insights into how to understand and improve workplace cultures.

This Zoom hook-up will be up to 1.5 hours in duration and will:

  • Introduce the concept of UGRs – how UGRs drive people’s behaviours and how they constitute an organisations culture
  • Share the three principles that characterise organisations that are truly able to transform their cultures
  • Outline the phases to follow should you wish to proceed with this culture transformation journey

On completion of this session, your senior team will have the know-how to drive a DIY, internally led workplace transformation programme without any further support from us.

That said, we’ve spent decades learning how to help our client organisations to drive results up by improving their culture – whilst at the same time making theirs an even better place to work.

And we can do the same for you, in any number of ways, if you agree to proceed with us following this first session.