01 Andrew
Andrew is a senior leader in an Australian college. Andrew first came across UGRs as an audience member at a conference at which Steve Simpson spoke. You’ll find it fascinating to hear what Andrew did back at the college after that conference.
02 Bill
Bill is a Customer Services Manager responsible for the Call Centre and Service Centre. This is a really interesting interview as Bill talks about how he used UGRs to address the issue of silent non-compliance. You’ll hear Bill using a saying ‘Talk to the horse’ which is derived from the common saying "Straight from the horses mouth". As you will hear, Bill first came across the UGRs concept from reading the book.
03 Chris
In this UGRs audio you'll hear an interview with Chris who is a senior manager in an Australian health insurance organisation. As you’ll hear, Chris and Steve go back a long way – they first started working together soon after the UGRs concept was created, so it’s fascinating to hear how UGRs have stood the test of time. We're sure you’ll find this interesting.
04 Daniel
This is an interview by Steve Simpson with Daniel, who is a General Manager Sales in an Australian organisation. Daniel used UGRs to break the back of a culture that was negative and based on silos. He reports on a 360 degree turn around in attitude which has been noted by all, including customers. We know you’ll find it fascinating!
05 David
This is an interview with David who heads up a communications consulting company in Australia. David has used UGRs in a fascinating way, by linking internal communications about values with UGRs.
06 Derek
The UGRs audio you’re about to hear is an interview with Derek who is a senior manager in a large financial services provider. Steve Simpson had presented at a company conference not long prior to the interview with Derek, so he is about to share his views on UGR
07 Don
In this UGRs audio Steve Simpson interview Don who is a state manager in an Australian bank. Don talks about how UGRs was integrated with the Gallup survey which is a highly regarded employee engagement survey completed by staff.
08 Greg
In this UGRs audio you’re about to hear an interview with Greg who is a senior manager in a public service organisation. Greg talks about how he used UGRs to talk about issues not normally discussed – in particular, the vexed topic of the 'sickie' – people taking a day off when they are not really unwell. He then talks about how to identify specific behaviours that people can display to demonstrate positive UGRs.
09 Rob
In the following interview, you’ll hear from Rob who is a CEO of a local government council. We worked with Rob and his people around three years ago, and to his credit, Rob had continued to push for cultural improvement using UGRs. Tune in to how Rob had enjoyed success across his organisation.
10 Warren
In the following interview, Steve Simpson interviews Warren, who is a senior leader in an Australian bank. We first worked with Warren and his people around three years prior to this interview. Warren talks about some really impressive achievements in his team and discusses the range of strategies his people use to focus on positive UGRs.