Setting Up A UGRs Stocktake

A UGRs Stock Take is a potent tool to help us understand the existing culture in a team or organisation.
We are happy to create a UGRs Stock Take for you.

All you need to do is fill out the contact form below with the following details:

1. Name of the Group being asked to complete the Stock (this is the name that will go into the body of the Stock Take, so for example, it could be 'Organisation's Names: Department Name')

2. The lead-in sentences you would like included in the Stock Take. We recommend no more than 12. These can be selected from the Bank of Possible Lead-In Sentences (found in under the ‘Assess’ step of the Five Step Process.

3. The demographics you would like to collect (if any). Here, we need two pieces of information: The category (eg Your Department), then a listing of all the possible options to appear in the pull-down menu. Take care not to include too many demographics, as people get nervous about being able to be identified if there are a lot of these

4. The start and end date for the Stock Take - when you'd like it to commence and when you'd like it to close.

That's it!

Once the Stock take has been set up, you'll get regular emails giving you the number of completed responses. On completion, you'll get a completely analysed report!


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