Many organisations engage in strategic planning processes, part of which involves the identification or confirmation of ‘values statements’. This segment of the planning process is usually well canvassed – with lots of discussion about what is really wanted in the organisation, and lots of wordsmithing. Sadly, that’s often as far as the values exercise goes.
Many managers decry the resistance to change displayed by their people. Managers typically complain about people who are reluctant to change. Yet we think there are often good reasons for the resistance… I was speaking with someone recently who was explaining how he was open to change. “In my lifetime, I’ve learned how to use
Lou Holtz was a former US football coach, former for Notre Dame University. He raises a fascinating idea about how we think about our own performance, with incredible implications for all of us. Here is part of the interview… ‘Great coaches are the ones that envision realistic greatness in people, then hold them to that
Nowadays, it’s commonplace for people to report on how busy their workplace is. We’ve seen decades of cost cutting and increased efficiencies to a point where most of us are extremely stretched. A fascinating study conducted in 1973 however, might shed light on the significant down-side to being busy. Read on… Last year we conducted

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