Much of the work on organisational culture is thwarted due to people’s lack of understanding of it. We’ve written much about the fact that people cannot manage what they do not understand – and culture is often conceived only in complex ways. While we hope that UGRs® help shed a light on culture, we’d like
When people work together, day after day, individual weaknesses and frailties become visible for all to see. How these inadequacies are dealt with is key to an organisation’s success… Driving in the car today, I listened to a tragic tale of a teenage suicide being told by the boy’s mother. She was now on a
If an organisation is to survive and prosper, people within it must embrace change.  And here is the paradox — many managers fail in their efforts to bring about change.  Why is it that people give messages that they are open to change, yet in reality they are resistant to it? In the article below
In his 1988 book, Professor Jerry Harvey of George Washington University developed a parable of real life to describe how people believe they have reached agreement. The story is about four adults – a married couple and the wife’s parents – who are relaxing on a porch in 104 degree heat in the small town

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