Training is so often promoted as the solution to problems being experienced in an organisation – take a look at just about any business plan and training is almost certain to be part of the business growth strategy. Steve Simpson believes that in some instances, training can be a total waste of time. Even worse,
When it comes to workplace culture, we think there’s a water-tight case. Here’s the logic as we see it: Workplace culture is probably the most important driver of organisational performance Companies need to agree on the kind of culture they need in place to ensure their future success To the extent this cultural profile is
Have you ever wondered why UGRs exist? A little wine, good food and a beautiful evening in Queensland was the setting for a discussion on this very topic. It is summarised below (also it is evidence that not too much wine was enjoyed!) On my recent trip to Queensland, I sat with three great people
Unwritten Ground Rules or UGRs® are people’s perceptions of ‘this is the way we do things around here’. Incredibly, UGRs dictate people’s behaviour, yet they are rarely if ever discussed openly. Here, Steve Simpson takes a deeper look at UGRs… When I work with companies to help boost their culture, one  of the most common

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